Gateway SMS

DGworld supports the sms sending infrastructure on gateways designed for intensive and professional use.

With a single call to the service, it is possible to send more than 50,000 text messages, then managing and disposing of the sending flow in a few minutes.
In each plan is included sending sms via gateway and sending via a convenient web interface, with a customizable address book that can be managed through groups of contacts.

CL 500

€ 54,90 per year

tipology Classic

500 sms

CL 1000

€ 103,70 per year

tipology Classic

1000 sms

CL 2000

€ 201,30 per year

tipology Classic

2000 sms

CL 5000

€ 457,50 per year

tipology Classic

5000 sms


• high quality sms
• guaranteed delivery
• immediate dispatch
• sender customization
• up to 765 characters
• support from over 170 countries ***

*** For SMS to USA and Philippines the sender customization is not guaranteed.